Paintings on display in McLean, Virginia

At Evo Bistro Restaurant

Monday, April 21, 2008

X. Middleburg Hound II

This painting is an oil on wood panel, overall size with frame is 11" x 11". Frame is a burl veneer, with a silver leaf filet.

Middleburg Hound

This hound is from Middleburg. It is an oil painting on panel, and measures 12" x 11" including the burl veneer frame. sold

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Radishes III

This one is an oil on wood panel, measures 13" x 15" including the frame. sold

From the Oatlands Hound Show

This painting, is an oil on wood panel, it measures
12" x 15", including the frame. It's a burl veneer.

The image is of a contestant in the Oatlands Hound Show, Oatlands, Virginia. 600.